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Bringing the Gospel to the Great North is not only our passion and life, but a priority of each sister who is missioned in this beautiful land, so that as St. John Paul II exclaimed when describing the mission of the Daughters of St Paul, “the Word of God may speed on and triumph.” 

The Book and Media Centre on Dufferin St is a true Catholic Resource Centre, and the books and material enrich the spiritual and faith lives of people of many ethnic groups. There isn't a week in the year in which our sisters aren't traveling across Canada attending catechetical and family life conferences, visiting parishes, schools and retreat houses so that the Word of God can be proclaimed, and giving seminars on Media Literacy and the Church’s teaching on Theology of the Body. 

Most importantly, God has blessed the community with a growing number of vocations as young women seek admission to the community from Canada and have made their profession of vows. 

How You Can Help 

But now the time has come to seriously renovate our building to provide a safe home for our sisters, one that is conducive for living our Pauline religious vocation, and upgrade our Pauline Books and Media Center, which our Founder said was to be a light in the heart of the city. We have lived in our present convent and ministered out of our Book Centre on Dufferin Street for over 45 years. The building has not had a major renovation in that time period. As we look forward to one day passing the Pauline mission into the hands of Canadian vocations we need to turn our attention now to the major structural and building maintenance that is urgently needed. 

We are absolutely certain that the God of miracles will also help us with this major endeavor. We are trying to raise two million dollars to carry out these urgent renovations. Your gift will help us keep the light of hope burning in today's world.



Estimated Costs

Convent and Private Living Area $530,000
Book Centre and Working Area $615,000
Conference Area and Basement $480,000
Elevator $120,000
General Building Renovation Costs $255,000

We are grateful for your donations in support of our mission.
No gift is too small and will be repaid abundantly in eternity.



10 Sisters' Bedrooms (refurbishing) $7,500.00
Small convent chapel $9,000
3 Guest Rooms (add plumbing and remodel) $38,000.00
Kitchen (renovate) $50,000.00
Common bathroom (renovate) $80,000
Install private bathroom $30,280.00
Install elevator $120,000

Ways to Give

Gifts of cash: Making a donation of cash is as simple as writing a check or authorizing a charge on your credit card. From your standpoint, it’s no fuss, no bother. 

Online with credit card or electronic check: To make a gift online, click here.

Check: Please make checks payable to Daughters of St. Paul.

Telephone: To make a gift by telephone, please call Sr. Catherine Bennett: 416-789-0446.
Mail: To mail your gift, please include your name, address and telephone number along with credit card payment, cash, check or money order. 

Gifts may be mailed to: 
Daughters of St. Paul
Sr Catherine Bennett

3022 Dufferin Street

Toronto, ON M6B 3T5



When I was sent to be the superior of our community in Toronto,
I was told that the building would need “some  attention.”

Dear Friends,

When I arrived in our Toronto community, the Sisters had just gone through a five year period of
uncertainty as we tried to keep our property from being expropriated. All major building maintenance had to be put on hold. The words “some attention” didn’t seem too threatening to me. Maybe a few pipes needed repair, a few rooms needing repainting, some carpet and flooring to be replaced, and just over-all sprucing up? I was not prepared at all for what I discovered as Sr Irene Robert took me on a tour of the building before she left.  She pointed out to me that the original boiler needed replacement, the electrical wiring was insufficient for our needs, and the plumbing in the bathrooms were in need of repair. 

Soon after Sr. Irene left for her new assignment, however, I began to discover other things. I soon realized that when it rains hard, water finds its way inside the house and trickles down the walls. The mortar between the bricks on the outside of the building were losing their seal and causing some water damage in the basement. Needless to say, I was getting a little nervous…First on the list to replace was the boiler. The unit was the original one and not very energy efficient by today’s standards, operating on a prayer when started up for the long cold Canadian winter. When we turned it off at the end of Spring 2016, we knew something would have to be done before the next winter. Funds were already being collected for this project, and thanks to the generosity of so many people and an unexpected gift, we were able to install a more energy efficient unit that takes up barely any space, and the 2016-2017 winter season has been a warm one for us inside! 


As I settled into the Toronto community, I became more familiar with all that the Sisters I live with were doing for evangelization and the spreading of God’s Word throughout all of Canada. I am also impressed by the beautiful young women who are attracted to our Pauline mission. As a community we are making a committed effort to provide a space that will welcome these young women among us for extended periods to experience our life and mission firsthand, as well as providing a space that will be equipped to house and support some of our elderly Sisters. To make this a reality, serious renovations and some restructuring is required. We need to make the accommodations in both the convent and the book centre barrier free, installing an elevator so that the Sisters can more easily navigate from one level to another, reduce the need to carry heavy loads up and down stairs, and provide better access for those who may be infirm. We also need to incorporate an improved ramp and entrance into the store for customers who are less agile, dependent on wheelchairs or other means of mobility, as well as for families with baby carriages and strollers


After some discussion among ourselves as well as with friends, benefactors and architects, we decided the most cost effective way of addressing all the issues together would be a renovation project. And that was where “The Gospel to the True North Renovation Project” was born. Thank you for your kind consideration in assisting us. You, your family, and your special intentions are in our grateful prayers. 

In Jesus and St. Paul,
Sr. Catherine Bennett, FSP